How is Ultralock Different from Regular Hair Extensions?

For women who desire longer or thicker locks, Ultralock is a great alternative to typical hair extensions. Sometimes women desire longer hair faster than their natural hair can grow, want to try a new look, or want to bulk up the texture or thickness of their hair. Whatever the reason, hair extensions are just plain fun! But, traditional hair extensions not only come with a hefty price tag, they’re often accompanied by some not-so-pretty consequences, like bald patches and dandruff. Ultralock can achieve the same goals, but won’t damage your natural hair the way many other hair extension systems do; it’s also comfortable and can be used over and over again!

10 Reasons Why Ultralock is a Better Buy Than Traditional Hair Extensions

  1. Ultralock doesn’t use glues, braids, knots, clamps or twists.
  2. There’s no pulling, so getting fitted for Ultralock doesn’t hurt!
  3. Ultralock won’t pull your natural hair out.
  4. Easily put in or taken out with a special solvent.
  5. Ultralock remains secure even for women with very active lifestyles— indoor and out.
  6. Ultralock suits all women of any age.
  7. Dynamic looks are achievable; you can have multiple lengths and thicknesses.
  8. It’s safe and won’t damage your scalp.
  9. Our techs are JA Alternatives are thoroughly trained and experienced with Ultralock.
  10. Ultralock is exclusively available at JA Alternatives locations.

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