Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement a Permanent Solution?

When it comes to hair loss solutions, there seems to be no guarantees. There’s topical solutions and medications that claim to slow or stop hair loss, and some people even turn to surgical options. But even surgery isn’t a guaranteed solution. However, non-surgical hair replacement is a guaranteed solution without many of the common drawbacks associated with some other hair loss solutions.

The most commonly asked question in our offices is, “Is it permanent?” The answer to that question isn’t a simple yes or no. At JA Alternatives, our hair loss solutions are as permanent as you want them to be. This has many benefits— mainly flexibility and style.

Non-surgical hair replacement can be altered and changed as often as you’d like. Are you interested in trying out a new look? Want to take some off the top and add more to the sides? No problem! At JA Alternatives our expertly trained technicians work with our clients to provide them with hairstyles that are trendy and work with their everyday lifestyles.

In the video below, our client Peter discusses his hair replacement goals when he came to JA Alternatives. Peter lives an active lifestyle, but his EHK hair replacement allows him to change up his look with little to no effort.

There is no time limit on non-surgical hair replacement. Young or old, JA Alternatives has a hair replacement option for you, as permanent as you’d like it to be.

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