EHK Hair Replacement for Celebs and You!

Designed by Erwin Kupitz, the EHK hair replacement system has been featured in many popular and award-winning films. EHK uses the finest eastern European virgin hair that reflects light naturally and features  variety of colors and dimension of shades. In Hollywood, Kupitz was able to use the EHK system to flawlessly improve the appearance of many celebrity’s locks completely undetectable to the scrutiny of the cameras. He partnered with us here at JA Alternatives so that people in their every day lives could improve their appearances and boost their confidence.

The EHK hair replacement system has been worn by notable stars such as Mark Wahlberg, Mel Brooks, Wesley Snipes and Hugh Jackman. Many female celebrities have worn EHK hair replacement as well, such as Angelina Jolie, Alicia Silverstone, Minnie Driver and Rebecca Romijn Stamos. It’s safe to say, you’re probably surprised to find out that these stars and their flawless hairstyles have been perfected with the help of EHK hair replacement. It’s so easy to fall for the illusion that Hollywood stars are perfect in every way, but there’s ways for those of us who live our lives off of the silver screen to achieve flawless hairstyles, too!

EHK hair replacement not only tricks the unforgiving camera, but it can also fool the naked eye. The system is so natural looking and feeling that no one will know you’ve had hair replacement, that is, unless you’re recommending they come visit us for a free consultation! To learn more about EHK, click here.

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