Seasonal Hair Loss- How to Prevent Hair Loss in the Spring

image_thumb[2]Is this you every spring season? Seasonal hair loss can put anyone into a state of anxiety. Although a natural response to season change, it is a more common condition than you might think.

It is normal to lose about 50-100 hair follicles on a regular basis. When adding in the extra exposure to sunlight after a long winter, hair may begin to shed in larger amounts. A typical strand of hair has a life cycle of between 24 and 72 months (2 and 6 years) during which time it will grow normally. However around 10 per cent of a person’s hair may be in a “resting” phase (known as telogen), at which point the hair can fall out.

Treatments for Seasonal Hair Loss:
For most people, seasonal hair loss may be a bit worrying, but it doesn’t really do any harm. If you have another hair loss condition, however, it can make your normally thin hair seem to disappear at times. The good news is that, in many people, this is treatable.

Because a drop in melatonin levels can be triggered by sunlight anywhere on your skin, simply covering your hair won’t help. What has been shown to help is using a melatonin supplement. Melatonin can be taken orally, in pills, or can be injected into the scalp by a doctor. It’s important to talk to your doctor before you take melatonin as it can have unpleasant side effects in some people with other medical conditions.

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56 Million People are Losing ‘This’…


Did you know 56 million people are losing their hair?


That’s right! 56 million people in our country are fighting hair loss. Male and female pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, and tends to occur progressively with age, but alopecia can affect men and women of any age and hair loss can occur overnight. Luckily, JA Alternatives has created personalized options just for you.

Option 1-EHK was created in response to a growing number of clients who wanted the most natural looking hair replacement along with the finest quality European hair and were willing to invest a little more to have it.

Option 2-Interlink: With a special technique of using the natural hair follicle on your growing hair as a microscopic anchor, new strands of hair are secured directly with your growing strands of hair without the use of adhesive tapes or surgery. It’s quick,
easy and safe.

Option 3-UltraLock utilizes a simple yet ingenious form of attachment that is not only safe and comfortable but easy to put in and take out. A tiny non-visible adhesive strip safely and comfortably attaches the UltraLock hair to your own hair. Even under extremely active conditions indoor and out, you will be confident your UltraLock hair stays beautiful and secure.

Option 4-Private label: From start to finish the Private Label experience is upscale and exclusive. Private Label is the choice of many of our high profile celebrity clients where confidentiality and privacy are critical. The hair used in the Private Label is acquired through special sources from around the world. No finer quality hair is available on the market today.

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Summer and Hair Loss? What You Need To Know For The Upcoming Season

Warm weather, sunshine, and…hair loss? Studies show men and women see a spike in hair loss during the summer months (specifically July!).

Wondering how you can enjoy the beach without worrying about damaging your hair? JA Alternatives has got you covered:

  1. Spraying a light mist of SPF in your hair (Believe it or not, it works!)
  2. Chlorine and salt water make hair brittle and can change color treated
    hair. Make sure to rinse your hair immediately after pool and ocean bathing.
  3. Keep a Healthy Scalp: Sweat can throw off the PH balance of your skin, try using an organic shampoo & conditioner to clear away excess dirt without irritating your skin.
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How is Ultralock Different from Regular Hair Extensions?

For women who desire longer or thicker locks, Ultralock is a great alternative to typical hair extensions. Sometimes women desire longer hair faster than their natural hair can grow, want to try a new look, or want to bulk up the texture or thickness of their hair. Whatever the reason, hair extensions are just plain fun! But, traditional hair extensions not only come with a hefty price tag, they’re often accompanied by some not-so-pretty consequences, like bald patches and dandruff. Ultralock can achieve the same goals, but won’t damage your natural hair the way many other hair extension systems do; it’s also comfortable and can be used over and over again! Continue reading “How is Ultralock Different from Regular Hair Extensions?”