56 Million People are Losing ‘This’…


Did you know 56 million people are losing their hair?


That’s right! 56 million people in our country are fighting hair loss. Male and female pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, and tends to occur progressively with age, but alopecia can affect men and women of any age and hair loss can occur overnight. Luckily, JA Alternatives has created personalized options just for you.

Option 1-EHK was created in response to a growing number of clients who wanted the most natural looking hair replacement along with the finest quality European hair and were willing to invest a little more to have it.

Option 2-Interlink: With a special technique of using the natural hair follicle on your growing hair as a microscopic anchor, new strands of hair are secured directly with your growing strands of hair without the use of adhesive tapes or surgery. It’s quick,
easy and safe.

Option 3-UltraLock utilizes a simple yet ingenious form of attachment that is not only safe and comfortable but easy to put in and take out. A tiny non-visible adhesive strip safely and comfortably attaches the UltraLock hair to your own hair. Even under extremely active conditions indoor and out, you will be confident your UltraLock hair stays beautiful and secure.

Option 4-Private label: From start to finish the Private Label experience is upscale and exclusive. Private Label is the choice of many of our high profile celebrity clients where confidentiality and privacy are critical. The hair used in the Private Label is acquired through special sources from around the world. No finer quality hair is available on the market today.

It’s time to schedule your free consultation with the hair loss experts at JA Alternatives. Click here to start your journey with us: www.jaalternatives.com