EHK Hair Replacement for Celebs and You!

Designed by Erwin Kupitz, the EHK hair replacement system has been featured in many popular and award-winning films. EHK uses the finest eastern European virgin hair that reflects light naturally and features  variety of colors and dimension of shades. In Hollywood, Kupitz was able to use the EHK system to flawlessly improve the appearance of many celebrity’s locks completely undetectable to the scrutiny of the cameras. He partnered with us here at JA Alternatives so that people in their every day lives could improve their appearances and boost their confidence. Continue reading “EHK Hair Replacement for Celebs and You!”

Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement a Permanent Solution?

When it comes to hair loss solutions, there seems to be no guarantees. There’s topical solutions and medications that claim to slow or stop hair loss, and some people even turn to surgical options. But even surgery isn’t a guaranteed solution. However, non-surgical hair replacement is a guaranteed solution without many of the common drawbacks associated with some other hair loss solutions.

The most commonly asked question in our offices is, “Is it permanent?” The answer to that question isn’t a simple yes or no. At JA Alternatives, our hair loss solutions are as permanent as you want them to be. This has many benefits— mainly flexibility and style. Continue reading “Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement a Permanent Solution?”

Which Hair Replacement Product is Right for Me?

With so many options in hair replacement to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one for you? At JA Alternatives, we aim to first understand our clients’ hair replacement goals. From there, our expertly trained technicians can help guide our clients in making a decision that will ultimately change their lives! To follow is a brief overview of the hair replacement options available to men and women. Continue reading “Which Hair Replacement Product is Right for Me?”

How is Ultralock Different from Regular Hair Extensions?

For women who desire longer or thicker locks, Ultralock is a great alternative to typical hair extensions. Sometimes women desire longer hair faster than their natural hair can grow, want to try a new look, or want to bulk up the texture or thickness of their hair. Whatever the reason, hair extensions are just plain fun! But, traditional hair extensions not only come with a hefty price tag, they’re often accompanied by some not-so-pretty consequences, like bald patches and dandruff. Ultralock can achieve the same goals, but won’t damage your natural hair the way many other hair extension systems do; it’s also comfortable and can be used over and over again! Continue reading “How is Ultralock Different from Regular Hair Extensions?”