7 Reasons Why EHK Hair Replacement is Right for You

There’s plenty of hair replacement options out there, but there’s only one that’s designed specifically for you. We’re taking into consideration the most subtle, yet necessary measures to ensure natural-looking results for each client, every time. The EHK hair replacement system is unique with seven key elements that set it apart.
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Why is My Hair Falling Out?

Hair loss can strike for a variety of reasons. For men, genetics and the male sex hormone, testosterone are often to blame. For women, genetics, pregnancy and cancer may be to blame. Additionally, nutritional deficiencies, medications and mental and physical stress can be the culprit for hair loss, too. Here’s a look into the top reasons for hair loss and what you can do to correct it.

Physical and Mental Stress

Surgery, a car accident, severe illnesses, anything that causes trauma to the body can trigger hair loss. Hair growth happens on a natural cycle. Hair grows to a certain point and then sheds as new hair begins to grow. A physical trauma can accelerate the shedding phase of the hair’s cycle causing noticeable amounts to fall out. This then can be further exacerbated by mental stress associated with hair loss.
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Become a New You With Interlink Hair Replacement Technology

Many individuals with thin, lifeless hair desire fuller, thicker locks. It’s possible that limp, thinning hair is a source of frustration, especially when they think there’s nothing they can do to change it. Sure, there’s topical lotions, vitamins, prescription medications, even surgical hair transplant to improve the appearance of thinning hair, but all of these options are time consuming, may be associated with side effects and can be potentially painful. With Interlink hair replacement technology, individuals can improve the appearance of their hair and unlock a whole new level of confidence.

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Interlink:
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What is Male-Pattern Baldness?

Men of all different ages can experience hair loss, or what is referred to as male-pattern baldness. Typically, hair loss is first noticed by a receding hairline and/or loss of hair at the top or crown of the head. Male pattern-baldness is often a source of frustration and insecurity for those suffering from it. Here’s a look into the causes of male-pattern baldness and what options an individual can explore to correct it.
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